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  • BASEUS iPhone 14 Pro Magsafe SLIM CASE blue

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BASEUS iPhone 14 Pro Max Magsafe SLIM CASE

Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $29.90.

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12 in stock

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Baseus Glitter Magnetic case for iPhone 14 Pro Max (purple) + tempered glass +cleaning kit

Make sure your iPhone 14 Pro max is properly protected. The Baseus Glitter Magnetic case will effectively protect it from damage, and thanks to built-in magnets, it will allow you to conveniently use inductive chargers or magnetic holders. The case also does not affect the comfort of the phone. In the package you will also find a high-quality tempered glass for the display and a cleaning kit.

Impressive magnetic strength

The accessory is equipped with 38 N52 magnets, so it provides a lot of pulling power. So you can freely use inductive chargers and magnetic holders and powerbanks – you don’t have to take your smartphone out of the case anymore! What’s more, the Baseus Glitter Magnetic case does not affect the wireless charging performance.

Reliable protection

The case will effectively protect your smartphone from damage, for example, due to a fall or impact. The accessory will also protect its lenses. It also includes a durable tempered glass that will shield your phone’s screen – you no longer have to worry about it getting scratched! All this means that even if your iPhone falls out of your hand or ends up in your pocket with your keys, it is not in danger of being damaged.

Improved design

Bet on the highest quality workmanship. The case is equipped with electroplated bezels, which give it an interesting, stylish character. Wear-resistant PC plastic was used to make it, which is pleasant to the touch and won’t yellow even after a long time. It also doesn’t obscure the iPhone’s buttons and is extremely thin – its thickness is just 0.5mm. So you can still use your phone comfortably!


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