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Mobile Phone Repair Opening Pry Tools Screwdriver Kit Set 8-in-1


38 in stock

38 in stock

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Professional 8-in-1 Opening Tools Kit Metal Screwdriver Repair Set For Cell Phone iPhone
Made of super quality stainless steel and plastic,sturdy yet still flexible.
Dual tipped design,various blades for every repair situation.
Magnetic durable stainless steel tip which is is stable and not easy to stripping and deforming.
Multipurpose such as Mobile Phones(iPhone /Samsung/LG/HUAWEI/Google/HTC),
Computer/PC/Laptop/Desktop(HP,ASUS,Lenovo,Apple Macbook/Macbook Air/Macbook Pro,Imac/Imac Pro),
Tablet/ iPad mini/iPad Pro,SLR Cameras,Game Console(PS4, Xbox, Nintendo),Game handle/joystick and other electronic devices.

Package includes:
1 (one) – 0.6x25mm Y Tip Tri wing screwdriver
1 (one) – 0.8x25mm Pentalobe screwdriver
1 (one) – 1.3x25mm Cross head screwdriver
1 (one) – 2.5x25mm pinhead phillips screwdriver
2 (two) – Plastic spudger openers
1 (one) -Plastic pick opener
1 (one) -Small suction cup

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