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iPhone 14 Pro Max Nillkin Camera Shield Armor Pro Ring Stand Holder Tough Case


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Only 100% genuine original Nillkin products in retail package. It has anti-fake membrane, QR code and barcode.
Don’t buy cheap fake “Nillkin” products from third-party shops when you can get genuine products to make yourself happier.

Nillkin CamShield Armor Pro Magnetic case for Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7″ (2022)

CamShield Armor Pro Case ,provide excellent protection for mobile phones, and also expands practical functions such as magnetic suction, phone stand and swivel buckle. The concave convex surface is full of power, which can be easily controlled in both urban and outdoor areas.

Adopt dual materials, TPU and PC , supplemented by anti-falling airbag on four corners for all-round anti falling protection; Tire-like texture feels comfortable; Multi-angle folding unlocks more applications in different places; Enjoy MagSafe magnetic wireless charging; 360 ° swivel buckle for more convenience; Camera lens sliding cover not only prevents the lens from scratching, but protects your phone’s privacy from disclosure.

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