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Hoco GM109 Smooth Series Active Universal Stylus Pen


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Hoco GM109 is a universal stylus with a stylish body suitable for use with almost any device. The thin 1.5mm wide tip allows you to comfortably draw on tablets, smartphones and laptops with a capacitive touch display, regardless of support for active styluses. The device is charged using a USB cable; the connector is located behind a rubber cap at the top end. One full charge is enough for 12 hours of use. The size and weight of the case is comparable to a regular pen, it is comfortable to hold, and the hand does not get tired even after prolonged use.

Hoco GM109 does not require synchronization or additional settings; to start using, you need to press a single button on the body; after turning on the indication, the stylus is immediately ready for use. To turn off you need to press the same button; to save battery, there is also an automatic shutdown function after 30 minutes. The special tip protects the screen from excessive pressure and deep scratches, and also provides greater writing comfort. The stylus body is made entirely of lightweight and pleasant-to-touch metal.

The stylus is perfect for drawing in graphic editors, taking notes in note-taking programs, or for more convenient Internet surfing. Active technology has achieved good accuracy and stability of operation, the touch is always clearly recognized at the point of contact of the tip with the screen, regardless of the protective glass or film used.

To charge the stylus, you need to remove the rubber cap and connect the device to the USB connector of a computer or power supply with a voltage and current of no more than 5V/1A. It will take approximately 1-2 hours to fully charge, the red indicator means that charging is in progress, green – Hoco GM109 is fully charged.

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