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EU Asian Plugs Travel Adapter for NZ


Out of stock

Out of stock

Categories: SKU: OTE200


The PTA929 provides one outlet to convert European and USA style plugs for use in Australia and New Zealand. 

Compatible with plugs from many countries including:
Europe, Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, Canada, Switzerland Earthed, Italy Earthed, France Earthed, Germany Earthed, Bahamas, Thailand, and parts of South America. 

Adaptors do not convert voltage or frequency – please check the supply voltage and frequency and the voltage and frequency required to operate your appliance. If either of these differ, an appropriate transformer must be used.

Every effort is made in good faith to ensure the details listed provide information that is correct. Please check with your travel agent or the relevant authority prior to making arrangements or travelling to confirm these details are current.

Product Dimensions:

Height: 54mm
Width: 54mm
Depth: 37mm
Weight: 0.075kg

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