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DUX Ducis Polishing Cloth


7 in stock

7 in stock


Dux Ducis Polishing Cloth

Two-layer microfiber hot polishing cloth. Designed for wiping screens of mobile phones, notebooks, monitors and others.

High cleaning efficiency, perfectly sterilizes and removes dust from the device.

High-density microfibers, soft and delicate, with excellent elasticity.

The soft structure does not damage the screen, it safely and effectively cleans the screens of various devices.

The product can be washed in the washing machine several times. The product does not lose its original properties during washing, it is like new.


  • Product size: 160 * 160mm
  • Application: screens of mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, monitors, etc., can also be used for camera lenses, glasses and other products
  • Material: Microfiber

The kit includes:

1 x Dux Ducis Double Layer Microfiber Polishing Cloth

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