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BOROFONE BD5 Smart Sports Smart Watch

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7 in stock

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  • >Memory 32MB
  • >1.85-inch narrow border high-definition large screen; 240 * 280 resolution, fully fitted process
  • >Case: Zinc alloy case+aluminum buttons
  • >Bluetooth 3.0/5.0 is compatible with Android and Apple phones
  • >Charging method: magnetic suction charging
  • >Battery: Real 220mAh polymer lithium battery
  • >Usage time:>5 days, standby time>15 days, charging time: 1.5H
  • >Sensor: SC7A20
  • >Motor: supported
  • >Horn: 0815
  • >Features: sound and vibration, do not disturb, bright screen setting, settings (raise hands to light up the screen, power saving mode, bright screen setting, do not disturb, sound and vibration, password lock, time setting, calendar, brightness adjustment, long sitting reminder, reset, GPS, shutdown, about); Password lock, breathing, weather, body temperature, UI style; Time settings, exercise recording, 50 exercise modes, phone settings (phonebook, dialing, call recording, phone settings), language settings; Calendar, APP binding, step counting, time, information, games; Brightness adjustment, calculator, sleep, Bluetooth music, heart rate, alarm clock; Long sitting reminder, stopwatch, camera, voice assistant, search phone; Reset, GPS, shutdown, about.
  • Dash down menu: Bluetooth, Weather, Voice Assistant, Raise Hands to Brighten Screen, Brightness Adjustment, Music, Password Lock, Alarm Clock, APP Download, UI Style, Settings, Shutdown.
  • Up menu: Message details.
  • Left slide: heart rate, sleep, music, weather, GPS.
  • Right sliding split screen: time, date, weather, dialing; Mini program: music, weather, sleep, step counting
  • >Wrist strap size: width: 20mm, length: 122mm * 90mm
  • >Body size: 50 * 37 * 12.5MM
  • >Body+wrist strap weight: 49g“

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