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12 in stock

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Main Features:

● Mini Capsule Design: Adorable and colorful. Easy to stimulate your children’s interest in housework.

● Low Noise and Strong Suction Power: Supercharged airflow and 700Pa concentrated suction power to clean the desktop thoroughly.

 Microporous Filters Keep Children away from Dust: 200 mesh filter screens filter the dust as smallas 0.063mm. Effectively reduce inhalation of par-ticle and protect the tender airways of children.

 Mini Size, Grab and Clean: As small as a can of Cola. Rounded appearance, easy to hold.

● Separated Dust Binsto Keep Babies Safe: The dust bin is separated from the wind blades, safe and harmless. Removable transparent dust bins, easy to remove, without waste residue.

● Soft and Dense Bristles Meticulous Cleaning: Deeply clean desktop corners and keyboard gaps. Remove the dust thoroughly.

2 AA (1.5V) batteries provide up to 40 minutes of operation for the device. This is enough time for your child to thoroughly vacuum the entire desk without having to stop cleaning. Thanks to this toddler is not in danger of boredom.

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