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Baseus AeQur series G10 True Wireless Earbuds

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Baseus Immersive Spatial Acoustics: Enhance game sound effects, support sound location recognition, and simulate an immersive experience.
Simultaneously Dual Mode: Supports both 2.4GHz mode and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for seamless automatic switching between two devices without manual intervention.
0.025s Ultra-Low Latency: Featuring Baseus Dual-Channel Low-Latency technology, further lowering the delay, and creating a near-seamless synchronisation for gaming.
LE Audio Protocol: By using an internal LC3 codec for transmission, it achieves lower power consumption, lower latency, and lower loss.
Concealable Receiver Storage: It features a dedicated Type-C receiver storage compartment with a modular and hidden design.
RGB Ambient Light: Blue and orange dual ambient light effects.


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